The discovery of a male corpse at Prabumulih Town, South Sumatera

PRABUMULIH, PUBLIKZONE-The discovery of a male corpse wearing a red plaid shirt suit, jean pants, and shoes on Jalan RA Kartini Simpang 3 of Nigata Rt 03 Rw 02 made a freak of Sukajadi residents of East Prabumulih on Sunday (10 / 12).

Allegedly, the victim was killed because the body of the victim was injured in the head part due to the blows of hard objects, his face bruises, and near the corpse found receipts and parking duty letters. Victim Indititity was Indra Wijaya (IW).

According to eyewitness Nasution bin Sohar who lives in Rt 03 Rw 03 Tani Sari road of Sukajadi Village, said, when he passed from home to go to his gardens on the Nigata road near perumnas Griya sriwijaya kartini.

He saw a corpse lying on the roadside in a position still on his motorcycle. Nasution immediately contacted Police Prabumulih personnel named Kiki Kiswanto and then Kiki immediately contacted Denis as members of the Polres Resort and together to the crime scene (TKP).

AKP Eryadi Yuswanto as the chief of criminal unit arrived at the crime scene (TKP) and instructed his members to bring the bodies of victims to the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) for further investigation. (Ard / Ef)

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