Being rewarded with hot bullet on his right foot , Angga had to wince

PRABUMULIH, PUBLIKZONE --- Angga Saputra (25), a resident of Kampung 2 in Gelumbang Subdistrict, Muara Enim District, had to grimace in front of police officers after being rewarded with hot bullets in his right foot on Thursday.

This decisive and measured action must be carried out because the Begal provides resistance and can endanger the life of the police.

The perpetrators were arrested by criminal police Prabumulih. This is a result of criminal acts committed by the perpetrator against the victim M Renaldi Saputra (14 Years Old), a resident of Sudirman Street, Sindur Village, Cambai Village, Prabumulih City.

Based on the chronology of the incident, Angga asked the victim Renaldi Saputra to deliver him to meet his friend. The victim refused but the perpetrator continued to force. When passing on Samosir street at Gunung Ibul Prabumulih Timur, Prabumulih City, the perpetrators immediately launched their actions by pointing at the sharp weapon in the victim's stomach, causing the victim to fall. Seeing the helpless victim, Angga immediately took a victim's red Honda Honda motorbike and then fled.

After conducting a series of investigative processes, AKP Eryadi Yuswanto, S.H., M.H, together with the team immediately arrested Angga (25) in the Gelumbang district of Muara Enim district.

Prabumulih Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Andes Purwanti, S.E., M.M., through the Prabumulih Police, AKP Police, Eryadi Yuswanto, S.H., M.H said, currently the perpetrator Angga Saputra has been secured in Polres Prabumulih for further development and investigation. (Ard / Fdh)

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